Double Groove Hemorrhoid Pad

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1. The double U-shaped groove designed according to ergonomics can reduce the pressure on the spine and relieve the pain of the tailbone.        
2. The O-shaped design in the middle can relieve anal pain caused by hemorrhoids, prevent anal fissures, and enhance air circulation in the anal area. It is an ideal choice for patients with hemorrhoid complications or postoperative repair.        
3. Add a layer of gel on the surface of the slow rebound memory foam, which can fully disperse the pressure, increase blood circulation, not tired after sitting for a long time, and will not feel hot and sweaty.        
4. Detachable and washable jacket, the surface is elastic knitted fabric, the bottom is anti-slip fabric with anti-slip effect.
5. Washing method: hand wash, machine wash, no dry cleaning, in order to prolong the service life of the product, please wash the water temperature not to exceed 40 ℃, please hang it to dry naturally; the inner core cannot be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the service life of the product.        
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